Funeral Plans Guarantee

The Safe Hands Funeral Plans Guarantee


To protect against rising Funeral Director’s fees

The overall cost of a funeral comprises two key elements – costs of services that are provided by the funeral director themselves (known as ‘Funeral Director’s Fees and Services’) and costs of services provided by external parties (known as ‘Disbursements’ or 3rd Party Fees’).

Funeral Director’s Fees and services can be broad-ranging but typically they include such items as

Care and preparation of the deceased

Collection of the deceased

Provision of transport and staff

Provision of support, guidance and advice to bereaved families

Our guarantee states that no matter how long a Plan Holder lives, there will never be anything further for their representative to pay toward the funeral director’s fees and services.

Disbursement Allowance

To protect against rising 3rd party fees

Disbursements – items provided by 3rd parties.  Typically, they include such items as

Cremation – Crematorium fee

Burial – cost of opening the grave

Doctors fee – certifying the death

Minsters fee – funeral service

Most of our Funeral Plans options include a generous but not unnecessarily excessive, allowance towards the following disbursements specifically:

  1. Cremation fee/ Interment fee
  2. Doctors fee
  3. Ministers fee

Though disbursements costs can vary across location, currently it is rare for these above 3 fees combined, to amount to a sum greater than £1,100 – average is approximately £1,100.

Our Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby plans all include a £1,200 allowance towards them – meaning, that from the very outset, it is highly likely to be adequate to always cover all 3 items’ literal cost.

In the highly unlikely event that the disbursements allowance plus indexed CPI uplift (calculated annually) is insufficient to cover the combined cost of the Cremation fee (or, if burial, the internment fee) the Doctor’s fee and Minister’s fee, at the time of need – then any shortfall would need to be paid before the funeral can take place.