Making a Will

“Knowing where to start is often a daunting task”

Knowing where to start is often a daunting task!

Here is some advice on how it all works and what is important to know

Your Will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death, referred to as your estate.

When there is no Will you will be dying ‘intestate’ apart from the problems of your loved ones having to apply for letters of administration in order to be able to access your assets, many different rules will apply and the law will say who gets what not necessarily who you intended.

By having a Will you have decided who gets your assets and by choosing your executor(s) who is going to be applying when necessary for Grant of Probate.

We do not advise that you write your Will yourself, from just £125 you can have one of our experts guide you through the process and avoid any pitfalls, such as paying more Inheritance Tax than you need to or common mistakes of sideways disinheritance.

We can take your instructions over the telephone, once we establish your needs and advise you on the best way to move forward.

We will explain all the legal jargon, only when you are happy with your Draft Will do we post to you your Engrossed Will with full signing instructions, it really couldn’t be easier!

We have hundreds of happy clients that can call on us anytime for free legal advice and are always here to help them as their lifestyles change and whether it effects their estate planning decisions and advise.

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