Twilight Group LPA Application

Twilight Group LPA Instruction Form

If both LPAs are being provided, tick both boxes.


LPA(s) cannot be used until registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.
Client (Donor) Details


  • Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 your attorneys are required to act in your best interests.
  • If you own property jointly with a proposed Attorney, we recommend that you appoint at least 2 Attorneys.

Attorney 1

Attorney 2

Attorney Permissions

Attorney 3 or Replacement Attorney

It is recommended to appoint at least one Replacement Attorney to act if your original Attorney (or one of them) is unable to act on your behalf.
If no, skip to next section. (Certificate Provider)

Certificate Provider

Persons to be notified

  • Who would you like to be informed before your LPA is registered? (This is optional)
  • Having ‘people to notify’ is optional, though many donors choose family members or close friends.
  • You will be given a form to download and send to any people to notify once you have finished making the LPA.
  • I am aware of the official Guides for myself, my Attorney(s) and my Certificate Provider(s) and that these are available from my consultant upon request.
  • I am aware that my LPA cannot be used until it has been registered by the Office of the Public Guardian.

I instruct Twilight Group to register the LPA: