Death brings out the best and the worst in families

We at Twilight Group understand that everybody is different. Everyone’s views of death vary and how our ultimate journey should take place and who should manage it. We publish articles here that are as diverse as the opinions of people that read them. You will read about things you don’t agree with, but grow to have an understanding of how others feel about this so-called taboo subject.

Twilight Group

Our mission over the coming years is to develop the ultimate Funeral Resource. To challenge old myths and respect all faith’s rituals and hopefully give you ideas for your own departure from this world. If you leave Twilight Group with an idea or maybe some information you needed, we succeeded! If you learnt about a hitherto unknown ritual to you or about a product you didn’t know existed, we succeeded. However, the biggest success was achieved by you…by coming here and confronting death head on!