Body Donation

“What happens if I donate my body?”

Body Donation, what you need to know

Donation of a Body for Anatomical Examination

Body Donation

Many generous and public-spirited people feel that they would like their body to be of use after their death.  One of the ways in which a body can be of use is to donate it for medical education.

Donated bodies are a valuable resource for teaching the structure and function of the human body. A whole range of students and qualified professionals including: medical, dental, physician associate, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography, pharmacy, biological science, bio-engineering, medical artists and other allied professionals approved by the Designated Individual at that Institution.  In addition to their instructional value, donated bodies are also utilised by clinicians in specialised training courses.

Your Wishes

It is important to make sure those that are left behind understand your wishes. Also what the arrangements are with regard to your remains when they are no longer of use for anatomical examination. Indeed, only 60% of bodies are acceptable for various pre-death medical reasons. So funeral arrangements should be in place at all times.

Safehands funeral planners a fully conversant with these types of arrangements and a consultant can advise in your own home.

Click here to find out further information from King’s College London 

Download the 2018 Body Donation Booklet from King’s College, London

Download the 2018 Body Donation Procedure from King’s College, London